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Marketing is a critical function in any business enterprise. Effective marketing management is essential to maintain and expand the share of the market as competition – both domestic and international – grows in a globalized market for goods and services. As digital penetration increases and consumption decisions are driven primarily by internet activity, enterprises have to evolve new strategies and tools to gain market share. Consumers are faced with an array of purchasing choices and successful businesses manage to become the preferred choice by moulding and matching customer preferences. Businesses are having to invest in competent personnel possessing digital and other skills to compete more effectively. According to the official Bureau of Labor Statistics data, market research analysts and marketing specialist occupations are projected to grow 20% during the 2018-2028 period. The BLS data shows that the median wage for advertising, promotions, marketing managers was $132,620 per year in 2018.

The CU MBA with a concentration in marketing stresses digital marketing strategies and management techniques to prepare graduates for success in a rapidly evolving field. The program is extremely job-focused and designed to elevate employment outcomes for graduates by equipping them with competencies in demand. Students will learn the essentials of areas including sales and marketing, CRM software, database query/ERP/web software, consumer behavior, digital marketing, strategy, and communications.

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