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Welcome to the Patterson School of Business at Carolina University. The Patterson School of Business prides itself for delivering a highly student-centric business education designed to prepare students for successful careers in the modern job market.

The world of business is undergoing significant disruption enabled by technology. The growing use of automation, powered by analytics and artificial intelligence means that many routine business tasks can be performed by machines more efficiently than human beings. In such a milieu, a business graduate has to be prepared to leverage technology to maximize efficiency and work with analytics tools. In addition, the business graduate has to develop uniquely human traits such as empathy and compassion and enhance skills such as intercultural communication and teamwork.

As a new business school, the Patterson School of Business (PSB) is aiming to deliver a mission-based and differentiated business education that meets societal needs. This is comprised of elements including: 

  1. Business has social responsibility and a non-negotiable duty to the community
  2. Neighborliness is intrinsic to business activities
  3. Employees, natural resources, and all stakeholders are not instrumentalities; they are entitled to intrinsic respect and consideration
  4. All business activities must be based on honesty, trust, justice, and accountability
  5. Business exists to serve societal needs and not solely to earn short-term profits

The Patterson School of Business will give you a business degree for the future.

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